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Ryan Johnson, Marine Explorer and Shark Expert

Hi and welcome to my site!

I grew up in the island nation of New Zealand. I never strayed far from the sea, and for as long as I can remember, my dream was to become a professional rugby player / marine biologist studying the animals hidden beneath the oceans.

In 1998 I moved to Southern Africa to continue my zoological studies, and here I was given the chance of a life time. I was set down on a deserted Island and tasked with studying the oceans greatest predator – the Great White Shark! This experience, on the famous Dyer Island, changed my life forever; it opened my eyes to the truth about this charismatic, yet vulnerable predator that fascinates so many people. The need to research and conserve sharks was cemented in my mind.

My life is now full of adventure expeditions in search of unique opportunities to study and document these amazing marine predators. But along with the highs of these adventures, there are many tragic lows. The destructive nature of humans towards sharks and marine life is an ever present burden that is tough to witness. But with more and more people dedicating their lives and efforts to shark conservation, eco-tourism, and getting protective legislation in place, I am hopeful that sharks, and the oceans, may one day bite back! On the site, I hope to keep you updated on the latest research projects, expeditions, films and conservation campaigns that I am involved with. I am also always on the lookout for new ideas, and projects, so please take a few minutes to drop me a note.


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